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“Paris" is the oldest track on here, melodically it has existed for almost a good decade. It has gone under so many name changes and lyric changes it's crazy. But the melody has always stayed the same.

When I started this project I realize it'd be about time for this song to come out. It was perfect for this project. It kinda has that Dear Hunter prog-rock style mixed with horns, a concertina and an accordion. It has a slight ragtime-y piano beat and fairly simple drums.

Symbolically it's about Sly being taken by police car through Paris, or at least seeing Paris at a distance, to a police station. It's also reminiscing that nothing is gonna be the same again, nothing is gonna feel the same or look the same. To Sly, Paris has always been a beacon in the distance (because man is Paris bright from the countryside) so it's a plea for that to never change, let him keep something the same.


The vile moon rose slowly over the Arc de Triomphe,
In such a beaten state, I wanted the victory it symbolized,
This gloom embraces its greed because settling is not enough,
Dreamed of aeroplanes and subway trains in giant cities,
Hale in my veins but poison trauma in a sallow heart,
Police lights throb and the sirens made a reprise,
Like the Seine the memory cuts and divides me apart,
A child left immured in Sacré-Cœur and the walls are too high to climb,

The thief and the crime, such are these dark times,
Of deception, possession, hope without confession,
The brute cold, feuds old, done over ten-fold,
Oh I’m scared of the night, Paris please be my guiding light,

Notre Dame roars far away as I am torn from sleep,
Nightmare washed in hot iron yet chilling cold circuitry,
Cower to the candle and the promises I bear to keep,
Bouncing on my father’s knee, my family tree, a sea of mercury,
A life violently frayed, ribbons caught in a discarded mesh,
But the glow of the city tries to keep me lukewarm at best,
Le tour Eiffel pierces sky like a metal claw into flesh,
Ys drowned by a flood, a pox on my blood and it’s drying,

The thief and the crime, a dollar, a dime,
A choir, a pyre, the buildings climb higher,
The brute cold, feuds old, done over ten-fold,
Oh I’m scared of the dark, Paris be that initial spark,

So who’s in the right and who’s the mistaker?
If there’s a giver, then there must be a taker,
The dichotomy is all right, but there’s more than you know,
Below the crest of a wave there’s an undertow,

They say “Il y a l’avidité dans le sang”,
Until Ys breaks through the sea, your curse will never be gone,
But blood keeps on flowing while clock gears will rust,
Worry about your dirty cash and your diamond dust,

But if you’re broken at the heart, you’re broken everywhere,
And true terror is fearing even when no one’s there,
And the cold death of the withering tree nears,
It’s been eclipsing me for more than three thousand years,

It’s not the blood from your roots but blood rushing to your head,
as Paris swaps its lights for black gloom instead,
But in your darkest dreams I’ll be watching you, Beware,
Bonne nuit petit voleur,

Fringing abyss, around this town,
Caduceus, don’t weigh me down
Le fantôme noir, you let escape,
Your fatal flaw and he’s taking shape,
The dawning of, a broken son,
Blight of greed brought by a dwindling sun,,
Uncertain night, be my defense,
Ruinous red lights, best keep your distance


from Orphan Inheritance - EP, released December 30, 2015



all rights reserved


The Master Thief San Diego, California

"I am an orphan boy, and I'm a thief."

Hello all. This is a music project of making a rock opera off of the video game series Sly Cooper. What started off as a fun joke side project is now becoming something worthy of showing. An EP will soon be coming out to showcase what is to come. ... more

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